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Find out what vaccines you need and how to stay healthy on your trip in just a few minutes with these 4 simple steps:


Tell us the dates of your planned trip.


Use an easy Google Maps interface to tell us about the sites you plan to visit. It's ok if you aren't sure of your plans as you can update your itinerary any time.


Complete several simple Yes/No questions that will allow our custom algorithms to complete a full travel health consultation just as if you were sitting across from a travel health specialist.


The complete travel health consult can be printed or electronically delivered to a pharmacy/travel clinic/your doctor. You can arrive at those locations at your convenience to receive your vaccines.

About Travel Health Consult

With the widespread availability of airline travel comes the understanding that the world is becoming connected in ways our forefathers never imagined. We are blessed to have the opportunity to experience and absorb cultures around the world. Whether we choose to visit family and friends abroad or have the capacity to go on a beautiful safari in Tanzania, scale the Great Wall of China, take a trip to the dazzling mountainous regions of Machu Picchu, or make a visit to the iconic Taj Mahal – opportunities are aplenty. > Continue Reading…

Travel Health Blog

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I wanted to use this blog entry to discuss one of the more complex components of a travel medicine consultation. Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease caused by a plasmodium parasite. It is transmitted by the Read more…


Safe Eating During Travel

This blog will focus on one of the essential components of traveler safety – safe eating. Food or waterborne disease carry the vast majority of all health-related issues commonly encountered on international trips. Many of Read more…

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