With the widespread availability of airline travel comes the understanding that the world is becoming connected in ways our forefathers never imagined. We are blessed to have the opportunity to experience and absorb cultures around the world. Whether we choose to visit family and friends abroad or have the capacity to go on a beautiful safari in Tanzania, scale the Great Wall of China, take a trip to the dazzling mountainous regions of Machu Picchu, or make a visit to the iconic Taj Mahal – opportunities are aplenty.

US Department of Commerce National Travel and Tourism data clearly delineates this new phenomenon – providing truth to the concept that we are rapidly becoming global citizens who transcend geographic or political borders. In 2012, the number of international tourist arrivals worldwide was projected to exceed 1 billion arrivals, a 48% increase from the 674 million arrivals in 2000. Tourist destinations also have become increasingly diverse, with the proportion of international tourist arrivals in countries with emerging and developing economies increasing from 31% in 1990 to 47% in 2010. This brisk increase in international travel should also underline a renewed emphasis on both travel safety and travel health.

The United States Centers for Disease Control recommends a thorough travel medicine consultation for every international traveler to help identify plus mitigate health and safety risks related to the planned trip. There is a fundamental conundrum with this recommendation – travel medicine consultations are difficult to fulfill. Travel health consults are typically not covered by insurance providers and constitute an out of pocket cost to the tune of up to $160 per visit. They also are not convenient – travelers must take a business day off from their daily routines to see a medical professional. Our focus at Travel Health Consult is to increase access to these important medical safeguards and do so in a more efficient, cost-effective manner.

Through years of development and testing – our board-certified physicians coupled with our excellent software development team have created the first automated, online travel health consultation. Simply navigate our easy to use web-based software from the comfort of a user’s home or workplace with the convenience of one’s own personal computer or tablet. Uncomplicated user input will lead to a comprehensive summary of health recommendations – the entire process typically taking less than five minutes. A straightforward summary sheet can be taken to a number of local travel certified pharmacies where users can get their vaccinations/supplies to help safeguard their trip.

With Travel Health Consult – traveling safely got a whole lot less stressful. Let’s all continue to travel the world and both learn stories from and share stories with each other!

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